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Rhian Jones
Working in partnership with Inspiro Training, The Omni Academy of Apprenticeships is for people looking to further their career in the hospitality industry with the drive and determination of becoming the managers of leaders of tomorrow. Below illustrates how our Management programme enables and supports that process.

Rhian Jones started her Level 4 ILM Diploma in Management apprenticeship in July 2021 with the aim of advancing her management career and fulfilling her future aspirations.

The apprenticeship has enhanced Rhian’s development as a person. Her knowledge of her role has improved significantly, with the bespoke content of the course facilitating a far greater level of understanding and confidence in all areas, including those that were weaker, such as finance.

Rhian has become both more mature and self-assured in handling challenging situations as a result of the knowledge and skills she has acquired as a learner.

Her people skills have also improved significantly, helping Rhian to build and maintain strong relationships with individuals in her team and gain their confidence. Team members gladly approach Rhian with any issues and for support.

The flexible nature of her management and leadership style is now tailored to suit each individual team member, whilst her approach to training in meetings support her team in their learning and development.

Applying the knowledge and skills learnt from the course in day-to-day activities and situations has enabled both personal and team progression.

Rhian has learnt the importance of her body language whilst listening to individuals, adjusting this to exude positivity and approachability.

The course has also improved her English, Maths and Digital Literacy skills, which are all part of the apprenticeship. In turn, this has developed superior communication skills with other departments and the ability to compose professional and concise emails.

Rhian adds, “The course has undoubtedly developed and improved my managerial skills and knowledge. It has shown me how I learn best and ways I can support my team to achieve their full potential and deliver results. The programme has taught me the importance of delegating duties to my team and how this can positively impact on their performance and development.

I have enjoyed all aspects of the apprenticeship and it has bettered me in many ways. It is helping me towards my future goals as I progress as a manager.”

Jack Robak, Rhian’s line manager states, “Rhian is a very friendly person and a respected and valued team member. She communicates extremely well with people and motivates them as a manager.

This course achieves greater understanding of the job role, such as training, orders and payroll.”

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