Inspiro and Poundland announce new partnership

Inspiro Learning has announced an exciting partnership with Poundland to implement a comprehensive learning and development programme aimed at enhancing career advancement opportunities for their employees.

Branded as ‘Poundland’s Proudest…’, the collaborative learning programme will involve delivering a range of retail apprenticeships from level 2 to 4 across Poundland’s circa 650 stores in England, providing an avenue for colleagues to improve existing skills and pursue professional growth in the retail sector.

The apprenticeship programme is open to all staff members, regardless of age or career stage, underscoring Poundland’s commitment to investing in the professional development of its workforce.

This strategic initiative aligns with Poundland’s rich history of evolution and growth since its establishment in 1990, culminating in its acquisition by the PEPCO Group, which currently oversees Poundland, Pepco, and Dealz. 

Paul Heppell, Poundland’s Apprenticeship Lead, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Inspiro to empower our colleagues and unlock their full potential. This is a testament to our commitment to being an employer of choice, where colleagues can grow and develop in a supportive and rewarding environment. By investing in their skills and careers, we’re not only improving their lives but also building a talented and dedicated team that drives our success.”

For more information on Poundland’s apprenticeship programme, visit their careers website.

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