Graded ‘Good’ by Ofsted

Inspiro are very pleased to announce our latest Ofsted result. A full inspection took place on 13-16th September 2022, and we have been graded as ‘Good’ across the board, and overall. We have secured a very solid outcome that reflects the collective hard work that goes into all areas of our operation.

What is it like to be a learner with this provider?

Apprentices are highly ambitious and have a passion for their studies.
Apprentices develop knowledge and skills which are highly valued by employers.

Apprentices benefit from the expertise and sector experience of their trainers who teach apprentices the values, empathy and respect they need to be successful in their chosen profession.

Apprentices feel safe and many develop the skills they need to ensure their health and safety and that of others when working in high-risk sectors.

What does the provider do well?

Leaders have high expectations of their staff and apprentices. They create a culture of respect and professionalism. As a result, the majority of apprentices model these behaviours in their work and studies and give their very best.

Leaders have developed a curriculum which is aligned effectively to meet the needs of employers. Apprentices develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need to be successful in their chosen industry. As a result, the significant majority of apprentices make at least the expected rate of progress in line with their individual targets.

Trainers have extensive industry experience and expertise. They use this knowledge effectively to inform the highly relevant content of the training they provide. Trainers draw upon their professional experience to contextualise learning and fully engage apprentices. Apprentices value their trainer’s specialist knowledge and their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in useful workplace examples.

Managers have carefully sequenced the curriculum to support the development of apprentices’ knowledge, skills, and behaviours over time. Managers order the content based on employers’ natural cycle of business and operational needs. Apprentices use these opportunities to apply and deepen their learning through practise in the workplace.
The majority of apprentices develop substantial new knowledge, skills and behaviours, which they are able to apply well in their workplace. They increase and deepen their knowledge over time.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders have recognised the challenges of ensuring a consistent approach to safeguarding in a national training provider.

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