rail training and apprenticeships

Inspiro is one of the leading specialist training companies in the UK rail industry.

We understand the need for safety critical industries to have a highly skilled and competent engineering workforce trained to meet exacting standards across all aspects of operations. That’s why our three core services – management of training, design/development and delivery of training, and the provision/management of training infrastructure – are geared to ensuring that all training contributes to the development of suitably qualified and experienced staff.

Our close partnerships with customers and integrated approach to training service provision contextualise training to specific company requirements, entrenching the client’s vision and values and transforming training delivery to improve outcomes, reduce costs and deliver the workforce needed for continued success.

We manage and deliver one of the UK’s largest engineering apprenticeship programmes, training over 300 apprentices each year for Network Rail, as well as managing their Infrastructure Operations Apprenticeship for a further 200 apprentices a year. In addition to developing and delivering training which meets Network Rail’s objectives, we provide and manage the infrastructure of the specialist training facilities and residential quarters at some of the apprentice training centres.

core service features

We also have the capability to deliver digital learning solutions, training diagnostics, analytics and learning solutions as well as Learning Management Systems, thereby delivering a complete and sophisticated solutions designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

we currently offer apprenticeships in:

Level 3 – Rail Engineering Technician
Level 4 – Rail Engineering Advanced Technician

  • Contextualised Rail Engineering Training to infrastructure technicians across five core disciplines.
  • National Apprenticeship Programmes at Level 3 and 4.
  • Blended model including centrally and regionally delivered elements utilising residential, block and local delivery.

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