Elior’s Chef School goes from strength to strength

Elior’s Chef School is a unique culinary programme designed to inspire chefs of the future. The programme offers a comprehensive learning experience by providing a development environment that allows prospective chef’s to acquire practical skills, achieve apprenticeship standards and build a long term career in the industry.

Ellior’s Chef School forms part of a wider chef apprenticeship and takes place over a 9 month programme. Providing an exciting addition to the core apprenticeship, students come together once a month, outside of their usual workplaces, for culinary skills training that develops the apprentice’s individual skillsets.

At a high level, the course covers perfecting sauces, starters, mains and desserts, food safety, culinary theory, skills sessions and yield and finance management. Other notable masterclasses throughout the 9 month programme feature fish filleting and butchery demonstrations, roasting lessons, pastry sessions, a trip to a lamb farm and more.

Chef School is distinctive in that it doesn’t just prioritise the practical side of being a Chef; development opportunities and career development lie at the heart of the programme. Workshops to help students think about their career path are a key component of the learning, as well as support sessions on CV’s, cover letters and mock interviews with trainers and HR business partners. Something like Feedback is provided on all these elements to assist apprentices developing the holistic skills Elior needs now and in the future.

Inspiro sponsor the internal Chef School training programme and also deliver the Level 2 Production Chef and Level 2 Commis Chef apprenticeship. Inspiro has been working with Elior UK for the past 14 years, providing hospitality apprenticeship programmes across the UK and supporting their commitment to offer innovation in food cuisine and service excellence.

As part of the Elior ‘Chef School’ training programme, December saw us hold our monthly culinary masterclass. This month apprentices took part in our bread baking workshop, where they were put through their paces in preparing and cooking a range of breads, resulting in the exceptional results seen below.

Trainers were blown away by the creativity and flair for bread making demonstrated by participants, with Elior looking forward to seeing these new skills embedded across the sites where apprentices work.

To find out more about Elior, please go to https://www.elior.co.uk/

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