Tackling the skills shortage in the hospitality industry

Pre pandemic the hospitality sector was a booming industry, being the 4th biggest employer in the UK, generating £73bn for the UK economy, and accounting for approximately 3.2m jobs through direct employment.

Over the past 12 months the Covid pandemic has had a devastating effect on both large and small businesses in the sector not just on the loss of income through lockdown and social distancing but also the loss of experienced employees which has been compounded by the effect of Brexit meaning many EU workers leaving the UK. These factors combined with the fact that there were already industry-wide issues with retaining and supply of labour has resulted in a chronic shortage of hospitality workers.

How Inspiro can help?

Inspiro has a range of in-house expertise and capabilities to help employers attract, recruit, train and ultimately retain individuals.

We offer a comprehensive range of training and re-training apprenticeship programmes that can act as an ongoing career development vehicle for employees. Our hospitality apprenticeship programmes range from Level 2 to Level 4 and can be tailored to meet employer’s specific operational and environmental requirements. We also offer leadership and management programmes at Level 5 for Operations or Departmental Managers.

Entry level apprenticeships, at Level 2, can act as a great incentive to attract individuals into hospitality who are taking their first tentative steps into the job market or looking for a career change. On the other end of the career ladder, our Level 3 & 4 apprenticeships are suited to supervisor and managerial positions, building individuals knowledge on how to effectively run successful hospitality venues and offering clear and structured career pathways for ongoing development.

Crucially, offering apprenticeships will attract prospective employees through quality training opportunities; showing your business invests in the future of its staff members. Importantly, this will help create a team of long-term and fulfilled staff members; improving retention and boosting productivity. Additionally, by investing in an apprenticeship programme, hospitality employers will develop a diverse talent pool that meets the sectors specific skills requirements; boosting skill levels and making future recruitment easier.


Recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult across the hospitality sector, with 1 in 5 hospitality businesses, in the UK, finding recruitment harder each year and having concerns about hiring in the future.

Inspiro can support with the attraction and recruitment of staff. Our capability includes a national apprenticeship recruitment centre which provides dedicated resource support during the recruitment process to ensure you are attracting high calibre applicants. We have a track record of developing tailored approaches that reflect hospitality employers’ specific requirements; using proven methods to reach and attract potential applicants. Examples include:

  • Marketing campaigns to our database of people who have registered interest in finding a retail or warehousing apprenticeship;
  • Developing new promotional materials to support recruitment and highlight the benefits of the programme;
  • Advertising vacancies on websites such as England’s ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ and a wide range of job boards such as Indeed and Kaonix;
  • Reviewing unfilled positions that could be converted into apprenticeship vacancies; attracting recruits with the prospect of formal training and qualifications which leads onto a fulfilling career.
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