Matalan apprentices back on programme

Inspiro has been working with Matalan for the past 18 months, delivering high quality retail apprenticeship solutions that reflects Matalan’s commitment to workforce development.

Matalan encourages all their Retail Supervisors to follow their ‘Career Path’; an internal programme developed to ensure that employees are supported at every level from entry through to expert. To complement this internal training, Inspiro has created a tailored apprenticeship programme that benefits from a bespoke delivery model; skilfully created by Inspiro’s curriculum design team to reflect their brand, values and expertise. Over this time the apprenticeship programme has been highly effective in supporting Matalan’s internal development ambitions and goal of providing fantastic customer experiences.

Due to the national lockdown and the subsequent forced closure of their stores, Matalan’s apprentices were required to take a break in learning from the programme.

Working with Matalan throughout the lockdown and then during the re-opening of their stores, Matalan’s new Inspiro Account Relationship Manager, Richard Jupp, has worked in partnership with Matalan representatives to restart apprenticeship delivery and ensure all learners get back on programme.

Talking about their experiences, Garry Barnes, Matalan Early Careers & Talent Development Manager, said:

I have been hugely impressed with how Richard has embraced the Matalan relationship, along with the quality of service he is delivering to us, on behalf of Inspiro.

We’ve already built up a really strong and collaborative relationship, which has meant that by working together we have been able to get nearly all our guys back on programme, during difficult times.

Richard is really responsive, flexible, organised, personable, professional and very open minded to new ideas and ways in which we can evolve the programme, and enhance the learner experience.

As I say, already in such a short space of time, Richard has done a great job in re-engaging myself (and Matalan) and I’m really excited to be working with Richard (and Inspiro) in the future.

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