Inspiro and Marriott celebrate 20 years in partnership

Marriott 20 Year Partnership

Inspiro Training Limited, one of the UK’s leading apprenticeship providers, is celebrating 20 years in partnership with Marriott International, the largest hotel chain in the world. The relationship between the two organisations is both strong and effective, resulting in the delivery of innovative and responsive apprenticeship training.

The partnership is one of the longest running of its kind in the UK. Throughout, Inspiro have worked collaboratively with Marriott to develop an outstanding apprenticeship solution that supports the ever changing world of hospitality. The programme allows Marriott to offer their apprentices training that reflects their best practice, values, passion and ultimately achieve the goal of shared success for both the hotel group and the apprentices.

The programme first launched back in 2001, with Marriott identifying a number of objectives:

  • To underpin the commitment by Marriott to put people first and ensure every apprentice feels valued
  • To support apprentices in developing a Marriott career path
  • To attract new and talented people to the organisation
  • To help foster a sense of pleasure and pride in the Marriott journey
  • To help Marriott to develop a pipeline of committed individuals to meet future resourcing needs

Marriott 20 Year Partnership

Since the partnership began, more than 2,500 learners have taken part in a range of apprenticeships. The programme will continue to be developed to ensure a fantastic learning experience, added value and positive outcomes. Both parties are looking forward to what the next phase of this enduring partnership will bring:

“The success of Marriott’s apprenticeship programme shows what can be achieved through a committed and integrated approach. With a successful long-standing partnership, the benefits of the national and localised relationships speak volumes with learner engagement and attraction, which has led to successful retention and learner progression. We are extremely proud to have developed such a market leading programme in partnership with Marriott, and look forward to exploring new and innovative approaches with Marriott in the future!”
Steph Webb – Inspiro National Accounts Manager

To find out more visit: Marriott Careers

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